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As it evolves, various free ear training tools will be created and shared online with the community of audio professionals, electronic music composers and producers, and students.

First, prototypes will be available as programs for download, and in the near future the ear training modules will be fully browser-based and OS-neutral.Exercises are designed to be easily configurable, interactive, and provide detailed feedback. At the end of every session a detailed report is generated with statistics and ongoing insights typed by the user.

The aural training principles on which the tools are built are the product of many years of research into electroacoustic aural training by Dr. Eldad Tsabary (coordinator of Electroacoustic Studies at Concordia University in Montreal), Dr. Andrea Szigetvári (Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest), and Dr. David Ogborn (McMaster University, Hamilton ON).

Jasmine Leblond-Chartrand, Samuel Beland, Szakál Farkas Soma, Jamie Beverley, and Luis Navarro Del Angel have central parts in the ongoing development of Inner Ear.

Contact: eldad.tsabary@concordia.ca


Inner Ear is an ongoing ear training project for audio people.


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